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Re: We've joined the Staph club :~(

Aww geez, it sounds like you have enough on your plate already...

I think it depends on the type of staph that it is. Normally however, it should not be contagious I don't think from dogs to humans (as I think the staph that are usually dog related are not the same as those that are human related so to speak) and/or dogs to dogs unless the other dogs are immunocompromised. As for your dad, since he is on chemo plus likely (I am assuming) he may have a central type line for chemo access, you would need to practice good hand hygiene etc when visiting him anyways ut if it isn't the same kind of staph, I don't think it poses a risk to humans. I'm no microbiologist though and I would definately want to know what kind of staph it is specifically, for if it is a "human" type one, then that may be a different story.

I'm most interested in what you find out on this!
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