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Re: Probability of Detection (P.O.D.)

Thanks!! this is exactly what I was looking for

To be honst... I don't iagine myself or anyone on my team doing formulas in the middle of a seach. I want it more like a didactic way to tech the people: Those are the factors that influenciate the search work and this is the importance they have.

Originally Posted By: ladylaw203Forgive me but I have always gotten a kick out of that. It really sounds good,but at the end of the day, trust me, the minute anyone relys on that,the person will not be found. I have seen bodies do the darndest things and victims do not read books:-)
I remember someone told me once "There is a moment you have to stop trying to be logical, and trying to be on the victims shoes, shut up your mind and let the dog do the job"

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