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Koch has a murmur...

Well, took our puppy to the vet for her initial checkup and the vet detected a murmur. Now, I don't think it is all that serious since she really had to listen for it to confirm it is what she heard. She didn't recommend a specialist right away but in a few weeks, but I do have the number and reference form.

The breeder has offered to make things right, but even though I have had her one 3 days now, I am quite a bit attached! She has even offered to work it out months from now if there are any issues (I mean there is the warranty on the dog so i am not concerned).

I don't see any of the "bigger" issues that a mumur would cause in her, like tiredness, ect. It makes me love her even more because I had a murmur when young!

Should I head off to the specialist now for a ultra-sound or wait 4 weeks until her 2nd round of vaccines? see another vet for a 2nd opinion? The vet didn't seem all that overly concerned, saying to wait awhile to get it looked at, so I am taking that into consideration and not trying to worry that much lol

Other than that, a clean bill of health!

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