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Re: Dena had cancer

Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAANI do hope that this is something that the vet thinks about though-when you have a case that is so complicated, refer out to a facility with teams of people who do that type of work all the time.

Maybe I shouldn't say that. I am though because in reading this result I feel that there was nothing that a diagnosis would have done, other than prepare you better, and even with that, you are never really prepared. I am saying it so that other people can ask for referrals and also so that you know that this was something where you did everything you could, and that nothing you could have done would have changed that tragic outcome-diagnosis or not-so you are not to feel badly at all. But vets need to use the resources available to them, like we all do in our jobs. If you want this edited out, I won't be upset.
No, it's fine Jean. I agree that it could be helpful for others. If it had been JUST the autoimmune anemia the prognosis would not have been great, I read on one site that the survival rate is 40-60%. And if it had been JUST lymphoma, we would have had her a bit longer, but it seems like she had the perfect storm of illness. Everything we could do to treat her could potentially cause life threatening complications. But not doing it was potentially life threatening as well.

I know that my vet is trying to learn as much as he can about what happened, and I really appreciate his commitment. He's doing this on his own because he wants to, not because we insisted. She's gone, nothing we learn now will change that, but there may be lessons here that could help another dog at another time.

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