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Re: all breed vs specialty show?

Thanks for all the answers. I was not disappointed being told I have an all breed dog since I also want an all purpose dog, who I can do agility, obedience and try sheep with. It was more confusion when the all bred top dog was given a trophy adn I was told he wouldn't win here, at the specialty. Also having attended Belgian Terv, adn sheepdog specialties in the past, the same dog would win at both venues and the judging is pretty similar. Here teh double handling adn the judge only touching the dog for teeth adn testicles and just watching movement. So I was confused but I did enjoy it and met some great people all quite willing to answer any questions and offer any suggestions. And my dog was not put down and all loved his temperment and calmness.

And yes I did take home the best dog, always.
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