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Re: Alert me when she's "found it"

Depends on what she's searching for. If it's an object, such as lost keys or a lost wallet, you can have her sit or lay down next to the item. To teach this, I would place said item, say a wallet, on the floor in plain sight. Put your pup on a leash and stand a few feet away. Now give the pup the "search" command (whatever word that may be) and let her go to the object. When she sniffs the wallet, immediately tell her to sit (or down or whatever). As SOON as she sits, reward her with something, a toy or treat or whatever she loves most. Keep doing this until her alert is solid, then start sending her from farther away. Eventually you'll get her to the point where you can hide the object and she'll have to use her nose to find it.

Disclaimer: Your post wasn't too detailed about exactly what you're wanting her to find. The above training technique usually works when you're wanting a dog to find something with a very specific scent (say a leather wallet or whatever). Keep in mind that the dog has to be clear on what she's searching for. If you teach her to alert to the scent of leather, for example, she could alert on leather furniture, toys, clothes, suitcases, etc. Keep that in mind when you start training.


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