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Skunked :~o

Indy woke me up at 4:23 this mornining to go out, and I sleepily complied. Heard a bunch of barking, went out to call her in. Of course *after* she had trapsed(sp?) through the house I realized that she had been sprayed by a skunk. Oh my. I have never in my life smelled such a smell I swear law enforcement agencies should use that instead of pepper spray.

I got on the blackberry to look up the skunk formula - tough to concentrate under those situations. I should have thrown her out and bathed her outside, but I wasn't thinking, and she's such a sensitive girl...

The peroxide formula helped cut the stench on her, but it's still bad near the spot where she took the hit. The house smells terrible. Sure wish I would have been thinking more clealy.

When she came in, she was frothing at the mouth, and then vomited once. Turns out that there is something called. Skunk Toxic Shock Syndrome (though I don't know if that is an official name), from the ingestion of skunk spray. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, destruction of red blood cells (some kind of Heinz body anemia), and one terrier guy also noted that it can affect the kidneys.

Just Great. This is the dog that ultimately developed a cancerous tumor at the site of a wasp sting - what are the odds that she will experience no side effects?

I am watching her carefully, I gave her some charcoal capsules right away. This is also the dog that doesn't get vaccinated, so I checked her real good for any signs of scuffle, and, though perhaps controversial, did administer a homeopathic remedy as a precaution. Will also give her an antiviral supplement the next few days, just to be sure.

Poor Indy, she just can't catch a break. Always an adventure, eh?

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