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Re: Anthony case- Discovery

Here is what I posted on a HRD dog list. Wanted to share here as well.This is cut and pasted from an article. I am going to throw some stuff out there to ponder.....

The Anthony's Backyard: Involved a tip that Casey Anthony borrowed a shovel from a neighbor. Two cadaver dogs pointed to the smell of decomposition near Caylee's playhouse.

>>>>>Remember what I said about my dog is trained to locate the ODOR of HR. This is why. Residual. If you say my dog is trained to find HR, bend over....>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>

Casey Anthony's Car: Detectives reported a different dog alerted to the same strong smell in the trunk after the white Pontiac had been abandoned in a parking lot.

"They have a hypothesis that the child may have somehow passed away," Dr. Richard Weinblatt told Eyewitness News.

Weinblatt, a former police chief and manager of Seminole Community College's Criminal Justice Program, said detectives must consider why there was evidence of a body in the car and at the home.

<>>>>>>> Dog alert just became pretty important Get ready for impeachment and an attack on the credibility of the dog teams>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>

"The body could've been placed there and a person or persons could've changed their mind and decided to move the body elsewhere," he said.

Anthony's family insisted there was another reason for the smell.

"There was a bag of pizza for 12 days in a car full of maggots," Casey's mother Cynthia Anthony told reporters while leaving her daughter's bond hearing Tuesday.

>>>>>>>>> Whoa daddy I hope those handlers have proofed off of this kind of thing. If the forensics back them up, Good job,if not.........>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>

"Do you think you would mistake the smell of a body for trash?" WFTV reporter Eric Rasmussen asked Weinblatt.

"Absolutely not. It's very, very distinctive," he said.

Weinblatt says other evidence from the car could solidify the case investigators are building.

"They say they found hair, they found a stain and they found dirt. What are they doing with that evidence? They have to process it. Where did the dirt come from? Does it match soil samples they found in the back yard?" he said.

>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>.Hair, dirt and a stain. Ok remember the hair discussion? Good grief, I have so much of my own shed hair in my Suburban it is not funny. Ok, dog handler, do you routinely train on nothing but hair? Yes counselor. So what you are saying is that the dog may have alerted strictly because of the presence of human hair and NOT the odor of decomp? Um,,er, yes sir. SO, there well may NOT have been the odor of decomp HR in that trunk? Um,er, yes sir. Do you routinely train as you work? DO you set up scenarios like this search? Do you put rotten meat,and food in the trunk of a car and PROOF your dog off of it? ( IF the answer is NO, bend over as it is about to get ugly) NO? so you do NOT set up training like this? SO, you have not proofed off of rotten foods, meat, maggots etc? NO? SO, there is a possibility that the dog false alerted on this? Uh,....... drool.Uh..... ( Folks if you have not proofed off of something,jurors will consider the possibility that it was a false. Trust me. Much better to say, yes sir,I routinely proof my dog off of this sort of a possibility.)
Ok,dirt. How many folks use "grave dirt". How many of you routinely proof off of just fresh dirt? Same thing as above. Dog handler, do you train on dirt containing the odor of HR? Yes? Do you routinely proof off of dirt? Proof off of dirt that contains the odor of a dead animal?
These defense attorneys will study and find folks in our world to advise them. This is how it works...

See how this can go? It can get really ugly up there on that stand........

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