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Re: Opinion on THR -cement vs cementless

Really, if you can afford it, it is worth not having to worry whether Kayos is in pain or not, whether the supplements are working etc.
I was worried about the recovery period, but it was very easy.
I also did not want Rudy on pain management drugs for the rest of his life. In addition to the health concerns with those, the cost of a THR over time is less than all those drugs and supplements---that may or not be healthy or even working.

I'm sure you will do the right thing and what is best for both of you. But I can attest that THR was the way to go with Rudy. He will be even better once I get these extra thirteen pounds off him.
My other dog has mild to moderate HD and if she ever needs surgery, I will rob a bank and have it done for her.

I had Rudy's surgery done in early spring so he wouldn't be recovering with snow ont he ground, and would be all healed for the summer.

I got a dog for my husband. It was a good trade.

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