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Re: Jesse broke a canine tooth

Thanks everyone. It is his upper canine. It is not broken to the gum. Just sort of splintered off the very tip and along the side.I soak my dogs Canidae anyhow so being hard to chew food probably wouldn't be a problem but he LOVES to chew his nylabone every evening right after he eats supper. He grabs a bone and heads to my bed while I am watching TV.
Katie, I will talk to Debby Sunday at class. I'm not sure why my dr. didn't recommend U of FL. I'd rather go there than Jacksonville.
Thanks Betty, I'm glad Doc is ok.
I am thankful it is a canine instead of molars. I'm glad everyone's dogs have been fine after having root canals and teeth pulled.

Jesse, Oakley, and Xander's Mom
Sweet, gentle Maggie, in our hearts forever!
Our hearts are still broken Jazzi, we miss you so much!
In Loving Memory of Misty. We love you Misty Mist.
We'll never forget you Callie and Quebec.
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