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Re: Jesse broke a canine tooth

Regarding assurances, Zamboni (my 15 year old) has had two RCTs (root canals) one of them led to an extraction later on. Plus an additional extraction. She lost the big chewing molars (the top ones) which are pretty important in the whole scheme of things. She has soft teeth, and I used to let her eat beef bones when I was young and naive. She does just fine. I watch her eat, and I break big snacks (like Merrick lamb fillets) into bite size pieces. Sometimes, a small bit of kibble goes down without being amply chewed and she coughs it up. (This sounds worse than it is). But she still chews rawhides and is always looking to snag the younger dogs' bones. I brush her teeth, and my vet (who is a dentist) says everything looks great. So yeah, it's do-able.

I don't even think about it, really, other than keeping an eye on her during dinner, which I do with my raw-fed dog anyhow. And I know she isn't bothered by it at all. She just eats, happily.
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