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Re: Cadaver dogs in Iraq

I googled for these dog teams and found this blog entry:

Quote:Mr. Dodds felt a calling a few months ago and asked the Army if there was any way he could volunteer his services here in Iraq. He was brought here under a three month contract just in case something happened that would require Tessís skills. My commander called me in to meet this unique dog teem and asked me provide a guide and security team for them. My men know this terrain better than any one so it made since that the commander called on us for this mission. What didnít make since to me at the time was why there was an unarmed, sixty-year-old civilian and his dog tagging along with this military search dog detail. Remember the part where I cried out to God for help? Mr. Dodds was His answer. It wasnít just that God sent us a dog team; itís what my men saw that old man and his old dog doing out there that made all the difference. In 110 degrees over three days and twenty plus kilometers of traversing the landscape, that old man and his dog vigilantly scoured the sand and soil for those missing soldiers. God knew what my men needed more than I did. They needed to see that old volunteer enduring that environment and not quitting, never giving up.
Wow! Read the whole thing: The Call

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