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Re: No Drive?!

Chris, great post as always, wow, some great insight. In my current elementary stage of training, I have found that the more I learn about what makes my boys tick/react provides me the foundation to gain quicker results when I train then any individual technique alone that I have learned. I can imagine that the reason most people fail in training is that they fail themselves in understanding the physcology of their individual dog. Everydog is different and techniques have to be adjusted to accomodate those unique traits. Thank you for your insight. Chris, what does "lock up" mean when you state..."So we play a bit, and then I lock up, and ask for the out"

I want to steer back to the original topic of post and ask a question of you all who have experience building drive within a dog. As you all have probably read in my other posts, I have a boy (Max) who is extremely ball motivated and has drive for days, our training sessions have been great as of late because I am learning how to use that drive to progress. On the other hand, I have another boy (Hartwin) that isn't even close to having this sort of drive. If I pull out the ball, he gets stoked on it (drive is up), I will throw it to start a game with him and he will jam off to retrieve it, but will just lay down and play with it himself where he retrieves it (drive down). I can hold another ball in the air (using the 2 ball retrieving technique and trying to reestablish his drive) and he will just look at me like "ya, so I already have a pretty sweet ball that I am playing with". This kind of illustrates where I am at with Hartwin, I would like to maintain the initial drive through our session. As stated earlier in this thread, Zeus recommends that the original poster go back and establish drive through certain techniques. What are the common excercises out there I can partake in to develop and maintaining this drive? I will be getting some super "smelly treats" to work with, any recommendations? I go to Petsmart and all they have is treats loaded with Corn Meal and other products I try to stay away from. I am thinking I will give hot dogs a try, I have read that in other posts, but if there are any real good commercial treats out there I would like to know, please comment...
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