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Re: What do you all think?

1. You are stopped at a red light and when it finally turns green the car in front of you doesn't move. How long do you wait before you honk?
I don't know, 2 seconds if I'm in a bad mood, 6 in a good mood

2. Are you a golfer?
I like to golf but haven't done so in years. I like putt-putt

3. Do you prefer staples or paper clips?
staples...paperclips are only good for bending into wierd shapes when you're bored.

4. If you could speak any other language fluently which would you choose?
Spanish & Italian

5. Would you ever elope?
I'm married but we did think of it

6.What is your favorite candle scent?
Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle

7.How old were you when you thought you understood love?
hmmm...I don't know

8. Would you like to change your current living arrangements?
the ONLY thing I would change is our location, other than that, I like our living arrangements

9. How much ice do you like in your drink?
none! I don't like ice

10. Truth or Dare?

11. What do you think of the zoo?
I enjoy it very much. I have a membership to ours and go quite often...both with the family and by myself. It's nice to walk around.

12. Do you answer your phone before 10am?
I have and I do

13. Do you make wishes on loose eyelashes?
once in a blue moon

14. If you ever attempted to break a world record which would you choose?
how many pens I own

15. Have you ever been to a place that is truly haunted?

16. Have you ever wanted to make out with any of your siblings friends?

17. What scent reminds you of autumn?
burning leaves, turkey

18. Do you pray before meals?

19. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do?
move out into the country

20. When was your last doctor appointment?
in Novemeber when I had an ulcer

21. What did you have for dinner last night?
chicken and fries

22. Who from High School do you miss the most?
I miss 2 of my best friends from elementary...haven't heard from them in so many years...from high school I miss my friend that was murdered

23. Name 2 things you can't make it through the day without.
coffee and chapstick

24. If you had to move to a different state which one would you choose?
Right now, Arizona. My sister and niece just moved down there and I really miss them.

26. Name an actor, actress, singer, etc
Johnny Depp

27. What is your favorite Mexican food?
everything! I love Mexican!

28. What are your guilty pleasures?
salty snacks (chips, pretzels, etc.)

29. You just stepped out of the shower and someone rings the doorbell, what do you do?
peek out the peephole first...more than likely it's a door-to-door salesperson and I don't answer the door for them anyways.

30. Do you decorate for the holidays?
yes! I love to decorate

31. How many phone calls have you answered today?
none yet

32.Which relative do you like the least?

33. There's a hottie across the room. How do you get his/her attention?

34. What's the coolest thing you've ever won?
I won Kid Rock concert tickets from a radio station once--it was cool because I didn't even think I would win and the (outdoor) concert was so fun

35. Which tv game show would you like to play?
Deal or No Deal would be fun!

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