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What do you all think?

So I have a question to pose for everyone, and also for the mods, b/c I don't know if this fall into the guidelines. I was just wondering how you guys feel if surveys were posted for those who wanted to answer them? The survey I am talking about are the one's that float around on MySpace and Facebook. Those funny asking questions, you can fill out when your bored? You don't have to answer and you don't have to reveal any information you don't want.

Personally for me, I like it because I would like to get know everyone little bit better. Slowly, little by little, I am finding about others, but I figured these cute little surveys would something fun to do, and get to know my fellow GS lover better. What do you guys think? Also, Mods, is this ok? I copy and pasted a survey to give you guys an idea what I am talking about. It's just a funny, fun thing to do, the answers are the ones I provided (nothing too personal...just fun)

1. You are stopped at a red light and when it finally turns green the car in front of you doesn't move. How long do you wait before you honk?
I count to three! That is all you need. GREEN MEANS GO!

2. Are you a golfer?
I am trying to be!

3. Do you prefer staples or paper clips?
staples, harder to lose things

4. If you could speak any other language fluently which would you choose?
Arabic, so I could understand my family, and say mean words to other people ;-)

5. Would you ever elope?
Depends on how hectic everything gets, but for the most part, Probably not

6.What is your favorite candle scent?
French Vanilla

7.How old were you when you thought you understood love?
What a very absurd question!

8. Would you like to change your current living arrangements?
Not at this moment

9. How much ice do you like in your drink?
Not too much but not too little either! Just enough!

10. Truth or Dare?
Truth...I aint eating no bugs!

11. What do you think of the zoo?
Nice place to see wild, exotic animals,

12. Do you answer your phone before 10am?
Depends if I am up!

13. Do you make wishes on loose eyelashes?
Yeah, when I am stressed

14. If you ever attempted to break a world record which would you choose?
The only person who had to pee the most in one day....I may already have that in the bag!

15. Have you ever been to a place that is truly haunted?
I don't think so,

16. Have you ever wanted to make out with any of your siblings friends?
Ew no

17. What scent reminds you of autumn?
-Pumpkin pie (I agree!!!)

18. Do you pray before meals?
No, I am a bad catholic!

19. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do?
Besides jumping up and down? Probably pay off my debts!

20. When was your last doctor appointment?
Oy, awhile.

I need to make one!

21. What did you have for dinner last night?
Rice and chicken

22. Who from High School do you miss the most?
No one really. I just wanted to get out

23. Name 2 things you can't make it through the day without.
-Cell Phone and laptop (same here!)

24. If you had to move to a different state which one would you choose?
North Carolina

26. Name an actor, actress, singer, etc
For any particular reason? Or the first person who pops in my head? Jewel, cuz I just finished listening to her new record

27. What is your favorite Mexican food?
Chimganas (sp?)

28. What are your guilty pleasures?
Starbucks and chocolate

29. You just stepped out of the shower and someone rings the doorbell, what do you do?
Nothing, I aint answering the door till I am done getting dressed

30. Do you decorate for the holidays?
Oh yes, it is a must in my household!

31. How many phone calls have you answered today?
I haven't answered any b/c I was in court

32.Which relative do you like the least?
This is a cruel question.I love all my relatives!

33. There's a hottie across the room. How do you get his/her attention?
Dance around naked.I think that get anyone's attention ! lol

34. What's the coolest thing you've ever won?
I won something off the radio one time

35. Which tv game show would you like to play?
Are you smarter than a 5th grader! I know I would kick @ss!!!

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