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Re: Very serious tracking ? shows my ignorance

I went and gave my statement to the police tonight and talking to the deputy was therapeutic (same one who was the first on the scene) and he gave me info on resources available to victims/witnesses. It was good to discuss the whole thing with him and he was very kind. He also said they are very close to resolving the case which I was glad to hear of course.

I don't think our county can afford multi-purpose, highly trained GSDs like the county I used to live in.

But I am relieved to have talked to him and given my statement although I may have to testify later and I was asked if I might be apprehensive about doing so for personal safety reasons and I laughed that one off. Hey, I have two GSDs totally devoted to me! If anyone tried to hurt me, they'd meet a couple of land sharks in a feeding frenzy.

I also sent flowers to the family of the slain motorcyclist.
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