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Training collar question

quick question---

I had our intro dog obedience class last night (no dogs for the 1st class). The trainer recommened a prong collar for training. From what I've read here, prongs are not good for puppies. (Dakota is 6 months old) I've seen recommendations for Martingale collars here. Would that be a better option than a prong? I went to order one and there are 2 kinds, with and without the chain. not sure what kind to order???

FYI--Dakota has 'leash' issues, meaning he doesn't like it and will not come to me when I try to get it on him. We live in the country so he's off leash most of the time. I'm working on it and he's getting better. I'm just afraid if I would go with a prong, I'd never get it on him and he'd really not want to go for a walk. Are there any 'cons' to the martingales?

well, I guess it really wasn't a quick question after all. lol

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