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Re: Sudden Onset of Symptoms 10 1/2 FGSD - Cancer

It was suspected that Cody had hemangiosarcoma of the spleen. She went so fast that with all the testing they wouldn't have been able to give a definate answer without opening her up. They wanted to do an MRI, but didn't know if she could even handle the sedation. The odds of her even living through an operation were slim and the best they could offer if she lived through the operation was a couple of weeks, so I refused and we brought her home. She was 12.

She was fine on a Tuesday morning, ate breakfast and went outside just like a normal day. 3 hours later my daughter called me at work that Cody couldn't get up. My vet stabalized her with Pred, so we could take her to the specialists. My biggest regret of that week was that she spent the last 3 days of her life at the vets while they were doing tests. Finally we brought her home to keep her comfortable, but had to take her back that night to have her put down. She was so uncomfortable and struggled to breathe.

I'm so sorry for your friend.


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