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Just curious? Does anyone here use...

Apple Cider Vinegar? Or am I the only one? I use one cap in DaKota's drinking water. I found out how to do this on line.
Her eyes get runny & red during the warm weather. But, when I put this in her water her eyes clear up. I've been doing this for a while now. Not only does it clear her eyes, I use it with my Pug & my Mom's Shiba Inu. All three dogs coats are really soft & shinny!
The Shiba had some coat issues when with my parents. The vet could not find anything. Since he's been here. His coat has been filling out nicely. Not balding spots at all. I was just curious about this. I also told my sister about the vinegar too. She can not believe how well it is doing on her Bull Dog!

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