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Consult at Smith Ridge (Dr. Goldstein's office)

Hi all, as promised here is an abridged version of the consult.

I meet with Dr. Alex and I loved her. They are doing BNA blood work, nutritional analysis, and an allergy test. That will take about 2 weeks and then she will call me to tell me what supplements to give and what foods to give. She prefers the raw diet or home cooked. She gave me a hand-out on what the proportions should be, if I am going to prepare it myself. She encouraged no grains and very little potato. She likes a rotation diet b/c dogs are less likely to become allergic to something they are exposed to over and over.

The vet called Akbar a red head b/c he has a lot of red pigment in his coat and told me that Red heads are more immune sensitive than other GSDs. We discussed Akbar’s elevated ALTs and high cholesterol and she explained how that is all connected the IBD. Funny how the other vet was not sure why Akbar’s cholesterol and ALTs were elevated. Akbar’s folate is also low so she explained how inflammation in the small intestine makes it impossible for him to absorb it. Akbar has been scratching his paws so she told me to put Medicated body powder from Gold Bond. We talked about the cobalamin injections and she told me that if he is having loose stools, then he needs the injections but otherwise there was no need.

She said that the seasons (spring, summer and fall, not winter) can bring about changes with Akbar immune system again and that I might see a negative change. She mentioned stress and how it affects IBD and strongly encourage me to take him out and not restrict his exercise b/c a dog without exercised is a more stressed out dog. She said neutering is not a good option for dogs with a sensitive immune system. Neutering affects the adrenal glands and cortisol production.

I asked about their supplements b/c I was a bit leery. I told her that I tried so many different things and she explained how everything has to be done at the "RIGHT" time for things to work.

For now I am feeding the same diet and continuing with the prednisone until I hear from her. Feel free to ask me questions. Not sure how much of the consult is relevant or repetitive.

I will report back once I get a list of the supplements. Dr. Goldstein himself reviews the lab work and designs a supplement and nurtitional program for each dog.
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