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I have not personally used this method as my dogs have never had fleas, but info I got from my book 'The Goldsteins Wellness & Longevity Program" Natural care for dogs and cats:

*Bathe your animal with a natural herbal shampoo
*Begin a good food plan
*Add freshly chopped garlic to every meal
*Start your animal on B-complex vitamins
*Mix Earth Animal Interal Powder with Earth Aminal Herbal Internal Powder and add to meals at double the label dose.
*Use a topical spray such as %100 Natural Flea & Tick Repellent by Quantum Herbal Products or Earth Animals Bug Off. These sprays contain potent herbs such as erigeron (also known as fleabane) as well as orgainc extracts of cajeput oil, rose geranium oil, St Johns Wort, wormwood, black walnut, neem and rue.
*Apply aloe vera to any "hot spots" to help soothe and heal the area.
*DermGuard from Natural Solutions, Inc
*Vacuum the house at least once a week and discard the bag or canister contents in a sealed plastic bag.
*Comb Away Fleas: One of the most effective ways to reduce and monitor flea infestation is with a flea comb. Its teeth are finely spaced and, as you comb, the fleas are trapped along with the hair. Fleas move and jump very fast. Grab the wad of hair with the flea and quickly immerse in a bowl of soapy water or the toliet. The wooden-handled combs are the most user friendly.
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