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Re: Has anyone had any success w/ IBD and holistic

He has never been on either of thos two medications. I think that he was once tested for the general tick test and the test was negative. I know there are more specific tests, put never did those. Why do you suggest ticks diseases? I am willing to have him checked. I just thought that since he has been having this problem for soooo long (1.5 years) it was IBD. Do you think that it might be a tick related thing for this long?

Re the pea - it was funny at first. I thought it was hilarious that he was so smart. His facial expression trying to spit out that **** pea was too much, like a human. He is our first and only dog (no children either), he is the center of attention. He does that with other foods if I try and sneak them in. If I puree it, then he just won't touch his food. Too much of something or the pieces are too big and he will spend 30 minutes picking out what he likes. People can't believe how fussy he is. There is a level of skill required to getting him to eat something, unless it is meat. Unfortuanately, I am not rich otherwise I would just buy him fresh venison and rabbit every week.

I have never done any homecooking without graines or starches. I tried the turkey and potaoes for about a year. At the time he wasn't on the prednisone and it didn't help. But what would I cook if I did home cook again? Anything affordable, he can't have - beef, turkey, chicken OR he doesn't like - fish.

Re the cetyl myristoleate. I read about this in Dr. Martin Goldstein's book. I was actually very eager to try it. I don't want to change anything right now and rock the boat. I will see what they say about the supplements.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on the homecooking.

Thank you, thank you.
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