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Re: Has anyone had any success w/ IBD and holistic

All the tests for were always normal. He had every test done at some point at least 2 times. The vet figured that he had IBD b/c he had the symptoms and his cobalamin/folate levels came back very low. sometimes, flagyll would help with the explosive diarrhea but it never got rid of the cow piles. Nothing helped with putting on weight. I tried solid gold enzymes and something from vitaminshope. I bought the refrigerated probiotics, I tried the optogest for GI issues and some something else. I dewormed him like 3 or 4 times. The tylan never did a thing. I tried high doses and low doses and nothing.

Part of not eating before was b/c he was feeling crappy, but now that he is on the prednisone, I don't think that is the issue anymore. I just think that he really hates the food. He really doesn't like any dog food and I buy all the best stuff. He will eat it for a bit and than get tired. I try to wait it out, which will work a bit but he won't eat enough. He was sooooo skinny for so long, so now that he is over 80lbs, i am afraid that he will get skinny again. He loves beef and will eat it all day long, the problem is that he can't have beef.

He can't have chicken or beef. He's tried bison and fish but doesn't like it. He's had lamb too. Right now he is on Wellness Venison and rice and Evo- venison-can. He doesn't really care for it .

when i was cooking for him, I was cooking turkey and potatoes and he was okay with the turkey and not really crazy about the potatoes. I always felt that his nutrition was lacking b/c that is all he ate. If I tried adding any veggies, he would pick them out. He will stand there eating for about 30 minutes and spit out a pea if it got in his mouth or eat around it.

The vet suggested the novel protein and that is why he is now on the Venison.
His stool is good with the food and he has gained weight on it, it is just that I think that he is sick of it now and not so willing to eat it anymore.

I really feel that the prednisone had to do more with him getting healthy again than the novel protein.

I would be willing to cook fresh venison to add to his food, but where would I even buy that and how expensive would that be. Rabbit is easier to find, but also pricey. I could afford this if it was a maltese, but not a GSD

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, please let me know. I appreciate any insight.
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