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Re: Has anyone had any success w/ IBD and holistic

Sorry guys not to dissappoint but I have an appointment with an associate in his office, not Dr. Goldstein himself. Dr. Goldstein is booked 3-5 months out and his consult is $420. The associate is $213. I don't want to wait that long for an appointment and I am new to the holistic thing so I decided to go with the associate. My appointment is on the 25th, so I will post that evening.

He has phone consults and so do the associates if anyone is interested. I have the introductory info pack if anyone would like me to PDF it to them.

They encourage you to bring in a tape recorder on your visit b/c it is alot to take in, so that is exactly what I will do.

LisaT - I am actually almost done with the book and it is very interesting. I agree with what you said, that you have to use your best judgment sometimes. I just got off the phone with my regular vet. I told her that Akbar is not to thrilled about eating his dog food, she suggested that if he loses weight from not eating enough, that we bring up the prednisone, which I do NOT agree with. I know that he is just sick of that nasty food. He ate broccoli and carrots this morning instead of his food. He would never before eat veggies. He is just sick of the same boring food and I know it. Sometimes we know best. The million dollar question is what can I give him that won't upset his stomach.
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