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Re: Has anyone had any success w/ IBD and holistic

thanks you!

BowWowMeow - I had Akbar on a home coked diet for about a year and was giving him enzymes and probiotics and nothing seemed to work, not even a little bit of improvement. Maybe I wasn't using the right ones. I am trying to keep an open mind about the holistic vet and hopefully I will be able to take Akbar off of the prednisone. My goal some day is too be able to give him different foods. Right now, he only eats venison and rice from Wellness and Evo venison wet food (novel protein). He is not crazy about it and doesn't eat much. But he has always been like that, which drives me crazy. I was able to reduce his prednisone to 5mg once a day and his poop was good. It is just that he would eat less which leads me to believe that he is not feeling well. I heard that IBD can cause nausea, cramping and discomfort making you not want to eat.

How quickly did you start to see results with the GI support?

I have an appointment at Smith Ridge, South Salem, NY (Dr. Goldstein's office), so I am hoping that if anyone can help it would be him.
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