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Originally Posted By: LisaTI don't think that sodium ascorbate is "regular vitamin C". In fact, I don't know what "regular vitamin C" is off the top of my head! Ascorbic acid I think. When it's combined with any mineral, I think it's supposed to be easier on the stomach.

All I know is that with "regular C" and with Ester-C, my GSD gets really loose stools. Both dogs did well on the sodium ascorbate.
Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was comparing how quickly sodium passes through the system and how quickly regular vitamin C does. I didn't mean to imply that they are the same thing.

Yep, Odin had the loose stools when he had too high a dosage of Esther-C at first so I dropped him down to a smaller amount and gradually worked him up to higher levels. No problems and no loose stools. Since Esther-C is bonded to calcium and that is very key in bone and joint issues I'm going to stick with that. As you said, it's bonded with a mineral that way and one that would stay longer in the body than either sodium or regular C.
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