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Re: Chiro Again?

i don't know if this was mentioned because i didn't read all the posts. but when i took a few of my gsd's to chiro before i always wondered why they did not heat up the muscles before hand like my chiro person does. it makes sense that if the tendons a muscles are heated up the adjustment goes in better. i was kind of discusted anyway with the vet chiro we were using. he came in and spent no more than 3-5 minutes doing a quick adjustment and charged 50.00, plus the fact that one of those dogs i took in their had a bad disc in his neck and he adjusted it the first time and it sent him into a relapse. after that we had to tell him not to adjust the neck, and he came close to doing it anyway until we said something. you really have to be careful. i have been tempted many times to use a human chiro for future dogs.


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