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Re: Best GSD Advice

After my first GSD died I started my search for another one. She had been a rescue and I really didn't know anything about her background. She had bad hips so I wanted to stack the odds in my favor and go with a breeder.

Anyhow, I went on one of the boards and at that point didn't know anything about the different lines, etc.... After reading a bit I was a little nervous about the workinglines as I had read how they have so much energy, etc....I posted a general question about looking for breeders in my area and not being certain about what type I wanted but was leaning toward a W. German showline.

One of the board members pm'd me and said that maybe I should rethink looking at the workinglines and gave me a little education. That is what I did and now have 2 workingline females and am so pleased with their temps and drives and willingness to work. They are wonderful family companions as well.

That was the most valuable advice I have been given to date in regards to the GSD.

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