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Re: Alma (aka Aza), pretty girl from Pittsboro, NC

Thanks guys. Any help with the babies is appreciated, especially when they become active - with my work it is going to be hard. I have lined up my petsitter for extra help. Luckily I have a spring break coming up. The great news is that Mama Alma seems to be doing very well - she seems to be much more happy and perky than five days ago even though she is getting bigger. She loves her meals and her chew bones. The goal is to get her as strong as possible before the babies arrive. I am getting her some cottage cheese for extra calcium for her&babies.

Mary the supplies&stuff on my list
- towels, washable blankets, sleeping bags, sheets
- paper towels, bleach
- kid's plastic swimming pool (I discovered that this is not the season for it)
- x-pen, baby gate
- kennel deck
I'll be rrearranging my house this weekend to make space for the family. This is quite a learning experience I am sure I am missing things.

I like the drink idea after the babies are all there safe and sound.
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