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Re: Alma (aka Aza), pretty girl from Pittsboro, NC

OK, Alma is tucked in for the night after the fourth meal of the day. I cannot believe that she has not had an accident in the house considering her size. She was very sweet at the vet's office today and distributed kisses. It is a relief that she is not sick. It just did not make sense - with a mass of that size in her abdomen she was doing too well and was too perky.

I am glad I cannot get my hands on the person who "owned", used, neglected and dumped her. There is a very special place in **** for people like that. Our little Alma has a good chance now and in four months we'll have the troubles behind us. She is so good and sweet that it will be easy to find her a good home.

Mary this is a great idea. I'll get the list ready. I am hosting a visitor from Europe at work tomorrow, so I'll put it together on Wednesday. Alma is so sweet that you could take her to the school to meet the children. A good time to learn about responsible dog ownership. She is a perfect example of the bad things that can happen.

I ordered two cases of special dog food that is made in a facilty in Baltimore (also used for the production of human food). It is a premade raw diet available frozen and this is the best I can think of (quite pricey too, but Alma needs it now). It has veggies and supplements added and it is highly digestable. One of our volunteers will be picking it up tomorrow at the packaging facility. This should get some weight on her.
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