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Re: Hey Bama Lorne

Gabby and Olex look awesome!! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/18_thumb.gif[/img]

I've been working for about 2 or 3 weeks with Bixler on focusing... today, I finally decided he knows and understands the term "watch" and that I could put the prong on and correct him for not looking immedietly or looking away. It was amazing, after one or two corrections, he watched so much more instantly, and steadily, that I didnt really have to even correct him at all after that.
I might be going to quick, but after he started watching so much better, I thought Id try and get him to heel and watch. Well.. that wasn't happening. I took the prong off to practice since we'd never done it before. I am just having a difficult time teaching him to heel and watch... I was using a ball to try and get him to watch, which was how I started teaching him watch, he would watch me, but when I proceeded to go forward he just sat there watching me, when I got to the end of the leash, he started walking but not looking at me at all. So I tried to give him the command while we were already walking, he still wouldnt look at me. Anyone have any suggestions?!?
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