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What attracted you to the GSD as a breed??

Just curious what made everyone on here avid GSD lovers

I know for myself...that I was attracted to their fierce loyalty to their owner and families
their kindness with kids and other animals
their ability to 'go to work (as a K9 cop) and then go home to their family and seperate family from work,
their ability to excel at literally anything they do
their extreme intelligence, but also their ability to act so goofy..
their regal look (i know when I see a GSD walking down the street I stare in awe)
and their love for their owner...how they follow them EVERYWHERE, just live to please us, and how nothing makes them happier than seeing us.

German Shepherds are the best dogs out there and I'm glad to finally own one!

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My grandparents always had a shepherd for 60 years my grandfather told me he always had a shepherd from when him and my grandmother got married to when he passed away 5 years ago he always had a shepherd in his life. My grandpa had so many wonderful stories that I relished to hear my whole life and I loved the dogs they had that I remember. Having a shepherd here is like I am clinging on to every good memory I have of them. I know it's probably a stupid reason but I always remember my grandpa telling me a house wasn't a home without atleast one shepherd. And I really think my grandparents played a part in getting Jerry to us. Ofcourse in 3 months from now when jerry is a hyperactive monster puppy I will be laughing because I remember what type of sense of humor my grandpa had,lol.
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I saw a K9 demonstration at Spring Spree one year back home and even from a young age i was in awe of the power and grace the dog possessed. Stunning dogs. Them I got to meet the dog and got bathed in kisses. I was sold from then on. Wasnt until after I got my first GSD that I learned my great grandfather (i never knew him) had a GSD at one point. I'd always heard the story of how he made sure the dogs were trained to protect the kids (my grandma is oldest of 9) and how one day he went to spank one of my uncles for something and the dog jumped over the ironing board and bit him because he forgot to put the dog out. Only after my first GSD came home did my grandma tell me the dog in the story was the GSD.

Dont worry! My great gpa didnt fault the dog for biting him. The dog was only doing what he'd been trained to do and great gpa ALWAYS remembered to put the dog outside after that lol. I believe his name was King. I'll have to ask my grandma.

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Jewels your reasons are not stupid. They are actually very smart because you listened and respected what you grandparents told you. It's an old concept but true. Age has wisdom. I wish my grandparents would have lived longer then they did. They could have imparted more wisdom to me. I wish my dad would have lived longer too. He LOVED my first german shepherd, Sarron. Sarron is what actually made me fall in love with the german shepherd breed. He was SO smart and friendly. He loved people and he liked other dogs. I have told this story before but i will repeat it. I didn't know what train Sarron at. I was going to join this training thing for dogs offered in the park but since I was on a rotating shift and would only be there half the time, I decided to try and get Sarron ready for the first training session. I started training him 3 days before the class that had already started. ( Healing, sit , stay, down etc. ) I get to the class. It was the week of the down command. The instructor goes, " Say down them shove him here and push him here." I ask," what about just going down on command?" The instructor goes," Oh that's weeks down the road." I said," My dog does it now." I said," Down." to Sarron and gave him the hand signal and he went down. The instructor said," How long have you been teaching this dog?" I said, " 3 days." He said," I don't think you need to be in this class." LOL THAT'S when I fell in love with the german shepherd and their intelligence. I will never own another breed of dog. I have nothing against other breeds. I'm sure they are wonderful in their own right BUT, for ME there is no other breed.
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looks, versatility and trainability.
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Intelligence, looks, devotion.

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We've always had German Shepherd dogs. My grandparents had German Shepherds. My in laws had German Shepherds and I have had German Shepherds my whole life. Other breeds have come and went in our lives over the years but German Shepherds have always been a constant for as long as I can remember. One thing that left an imprint on me was as a small child I would read the Billy and Blaze books and Billy always had a German Shepherd Dog by his side. I never really considered any other kind of dog.

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As a child, about 7-8, I had a beagle mix who wasn't so nice as he aged. I was bit by him, twice. The first was on my nose and superficial. The second, at aged 8, was more serious. He bit through my lip, requiring an ER visit and four stitches. He didn't survive the night after my dad saw his bloodied daughter screaming in the ER.

My best friend, who lived next door had a gorgeous female GSD named Dina. She is the reason that I never feared dogs after my trauma. She was the sweetest dog I'd ever met and she helped me so much. I remember my mom freaking out at the sight of me laying on Dina and having her licking my face. I wasn't scared of her and my mom soon realized that it was therapeutic for me. It's one of my most fondest memories as a kid. Dina restored my faith in dogs.
I never forgot her and swore that someday I'd have a GSD of my own. And even though I was a lot older than I had imagined I would be, I am so happy I finally realized my dream.

I went to see a plastic surgeon a few years back to have some moles removed. He saw the scar on my lip and said he could "fix it" for me and it would hardly be noticeable. The scar is just a vertical line on my upper lip, towards the corner. I declined to have it fixed. It's been apart of me for 40 years. I know it sounds weird that I don't want it gone, but it's apart of my history and since it's not atrocious to look at, I see no reason to get rid of it.

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Intelligence, size, looks, loyality and aloof.
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I always liked the size of the GSD, I liked how smart the breed was, I liked that they could do many different jobs, I liked that they were intimidating. I just did not like them in black/tan or white and those were the only colors I thought they came in. Then I saw a solid black male on the internet and completely fell in love. I read more about the breed and then I went and got a black male GSD. BEST decision EVER. Now I like the blacks, bicolors, sables and the black/reds.


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