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From my dear wife during a rough and tumble play session: "She's JUST a poor puppy, don't be so brutal with her!"

"You are a little Stress Maiden!"

From total stranger on the river walk: "Your dog scares me"

If you feel you are a person of some importance, try ordering another man's dog around.
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We went to Tractor Supply last night and I had two people ask me if he lived in the house. I told them yes and that he's not much trouble in the house, but he does shed like crazy and there's a lot of hair to deal with. One guy was surprised and said he didn't think GSDs shed much. I quickly informed him that he was very mistaken.

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Oh my, I don’t know where to even begin! Here are a few that I can think of off of the top of my head…

We were at an outdoor arts and crafts festival in the summertime and had brought along our Chihuahua and Newfoundland dog. Koochie, the Newfy is very purebred-looking, although a rescue and we do not have papers, we had met the parents and they too looked very purebred. A man came up to us and complimented us on our beautiful dogs, then asked if Koochie was a “black standard Poodle” Sad thing was, he said he used to breed Poodles!

One day when we were out for a walk with Koochie, we were approached by an extremely enthusiastic young guy and his girlfriend. He immediately began petting Koochie, giving him hugs and making a huge fuss over him. He turned to his girlfriend and said excitedly “this is my FAVOURITE breed of dog, we are getting one just like this!” He then looked up to us and said “this is a Bernese Mountain Dog, right?” *Epic Fail* In a similar situation, I was asked if Koochie is a St. Bernard. FYI, Koochie is PURE BLACK.

In 2007, my mother and I drove to British Columbia and back over the course of 3 weeks. We brought Logan (Chihuahua) and Koochie with us while my father stayed home to look after Touie (I desperately wished she could have come too, unfortunately it wouldn’t have been fair to her as she was 11 at the time and didn’t really enjoy car rides), my cats and guinea pigs. We stopped in Banff, AB on our way to do a little shopping and take a break from driving. Unfortunately most of the stores did not allow such large dogs as Koochie to come inside (not to mention Koochie has issues with new floors and strange doorways). Because my mom enjoys shopping far more than I do and I hate to be away from my little Logan for even a second, I offered to stand outside with the boys while she had fun inside. I was incredibly bored standing there until I heard a child say, “look! A Bear!” (My mom had told I would see a lot of bears on this trip, unfortunately I only saw one of these beautiful creatures and it had just been hit, laying dead at the side of the highway). I looked in all directions, Bear?! Where?! Then I clued in that the “bear” was actually attached to the leash I was holding on to. Within seconds there was over 20 children and their parents all asking if I minded if they took photos of their children with Koochie, even the occasional adult got down on the ground for a photo, each and every person thanked me sincerely, apparently I wasn’t the only one who’d been promised a bear sighting and here was a live one to cuddle with and pose next to. My mom was in total shock when she finally returned to see all of the kids lined up next to Koochie the “bear”.

Owning a Newfy means we are entitled to being asked retarded unoriginal questions, such as “is that a bear?” and “do you have saddle for that one?” My mom absolutely hates it when idiot parents ask if their kids can ride him, even worse, for the most part they just go ahead and put their kids on poor Koochie’s back. Which then requires us to just as quickly pull the kid off again and ask what the heck were they thinking, no dog wants or should have a child sitting on their back.

My number one pet peeve is when people visit our house and call my adorable little Guinea Pig a hamster or a gerbil Learn your little animals!

~Pawprints don't fade from the lives they've touched~ Please help the fight to end BSL!

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We own a little 35 lb mix breed dog named Oogy, our best guess is Jack Russell Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix, but for unknown reasons, he is often mistaken as being a Pitbull by inexperienced people who don’t know the breed. Pitbulls, Staffies and AmStaffs are among my top 5 absolute favourite breeds. I don‘t see any bully in him whatsoever and friends with bullies agree with me. Last fall my mom and I were walking Koochie and Oogy through the park when we met two girl in their late 20s to early 30s walking their dogs. After a little chat, the one girl asked what breed Oogy is. I said JRT/Lab, she then said “oh really? I thought he was a Pitbull mix. He looks just like (such and such, I think she said ex-boyfriend’s) dog. I asked what breed his dog was mixed with, she said and I admit I had to holdback from laughing, a “Pitbull, American Bulldog, Boxer, Lab, Cane Corso, Mastiff mix” Being very familiar with those breeds, I know that for the most part, those are muscular breeds and that American Bulldogs and Mastiffs weigh over 100 lbs, Cane Corsos are about 90 lbs, Boxers and Labs are about 70 lbs, and APBTs can be in between 30-65 lbs. I look down at my little guy who isn’t much taller than my Miniature Poodle. I showed the girl that Oogy doesn’t have any muscle definition, his back legs are very straight, he doesn’t have what I call “sharky-jaw” he has a very narrow jaw. He doesn’t have a square head, or stocky shape. His fur is too long as well, and is very smooth and doesn’t “feel” like that of a Pitbull. Oogy also has webbed feet. After showing her all of these things and a few others, she said she agreed with me that he wasn’t a Pitbull, relief that I wouldn’t have to argue with her quickly disappeared when she then said, “besides, he’s too sweet to be one of those nasty dogs!” Horrified that someone would call my favourite breed of dog nasty, I responded with “Actually, his temperament is the only PITBULL thing about him!" With Oogy by my side in a perfect heal, we turned on a dime and walked away

~Pawprints don't fade from the lives they've touched~ Please help the fight to end BSL!
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My dog Peanut has the coloring, general head shape, and behaviors of a black and tan German shepherd but she is barely the size of a Border Collie. When we went out in public people were calling her a PUPPY until she finally got a little pudgy and gray around the muzzle by age nine.

Conversely, Pele, who is a lab/greyhound/husky mix developed a pattern of white hairs on her face but is otherwise almost solid black. She had this by the time she was six months old. A lot of dark greyhounds have these markings. In public, though, everyone thought Pele was an old dog. "Pretty old girl," they'd say. Polite and shy Pele would just gingerly hold out a paw to shake hands.

I know what's coming with Jaeger. Everyone is going to ask if he is part-husky because of his tail. It is REALLY curly. Neither of his parents had a curly tail but he sure does. I actually think it's adorable. The only time it lies straight is when he's sleeping or being scolded.
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Your dog's name is Koochie? :-)
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Originally Posted by Sitz&Platz View Post
Your dog's name is Koochie? :-)
Yes “Koochie” wasn’t originally our first choice name, we originally called him “Barley” but he absolutely would not respond to it, even after a month of calling him that. One early morning when my mom had him out for a pee, he spotted two of my feral cats getting into a little fight, Koochie took off towards them, my mom called Barley but Koochie wasn’t listening, she remembered something the BYB used to say, “koochie, koochie, koochie” and all of the puppies would come running. She tried it and immediately, Koochie turned around and came running towards her. The breeder didn’t speak a lot of English, it was a private joke because in his language, koochie meant “little dog”. Over the years we’ve run into people who own Koochie’s siblings, for the most part, they have either been named Koochie or Cookie or something very similar because that is all that they would respond to.

~Pawprints don't fade from the lives they've touched~ Please help the fight to end BSL!
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I have Dex with me at work today. I was taking him out for a potty break and the man who owns the business next to me asked me if he was a fox? This guy owns a german shepherd. (Black and tan) so I was thinking . I explained to him that Dex was a sable german shepherd. I still dont think he believed me. oh well, I shoulda just said yes, I own a fox

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Our red Doberman "Red" generally gets called "Stinky dog" he even answers to it! He has a habit of farting on entering and leaving any room, we're sure he does it to have a laugh at our expense!
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Well actually It's not funny it kind of pisses me off but my neighbors call her boring Bella and why b/c she is well behaved unlike their crazy dogs who don't listen to a word they say at all(I secretly think their jealous) b/c she is such a good girl so forget them lol...

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