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eoj89 06-16-2014 09:59 AM

Walking to heel

Can anyone tell me how to have a 16 m/o male GSD walk to heel?

Here's the story..

He's my Granddad's dog and I spend a huge amount of time with him in the house and outside the house. His recall is basically spot on off lead, and my Granddad doesn't walk him on leash barely at all, so he has no leash manners when I walk him on it, and recently, I've had to stop walking him because he is putting a strain on my back due to health reasons with his almost constant pulling (he is fine once we get to the park, but before, he is embarrassing to walk with, along with being a terrible walker.

He walks with my Granddad at least once daily, but it's usually two and a huge 3 mile plus run or walk or visit to the beach when it's nicer in the Summer.

Also, this isn't relevant, but does anyone know the odds of a dog calming down after being neutered? I went to visit him today and found out he'd had a little trip to the vet because it was neuter or get rid, because his energy levels are insanely high.

Thanks for any replies.

Mary Beth 06-16-2014 09:43 PM

I have had real great results with the front ring harness and holding the leash correctly so basically the dog walks on my left side. I use the Walk In Sync method and it is explained in a short video on their website Walk In Sync - The Easiest and Most Humane Way to Walk and Train Your Dog - Home

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