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HarleyACH 04-23-2014 05:23 AM

Nervous Aggressioin on Lead...
Hi all,

We rescued Harley just over two months ago. He is the perfect dog. However he has two vices and that is pulling on the lead and nervous aggression on lead. The latter is my main concern as pulling is being worked on quite well.

Off lead he is perfect and ignores dogs. He doesn't love them but will tolerate them. On lead he can be quite unpredicatable.

He came from a foster home with three other dominant and alpha dogs who probably took away some nerves, he was also seldom walked on lead (just dragged the fosterer for about five mins down the road until at the park).

He is worse when he feels overwhelmed i.e training class when they're all moving around, or at dog shows. But even when a dog walks past at close counters he will scuttle towards them and make noise. It can really take us by surprise.

I've heard its because he feels he needs to take alpha role when out and panics about that because he is naturally submissive. When off lead he has had dogs barking at him, and a few even snapping at him and he ignores it. He doesn't care and doesn't retaliate...put a lead on him and he could be quite scary really!

Trouble is he behaves just like a Chuihuhua (sp) dog does in the training class but everyone looks at Harley this fluffy GSD like the devil because of his breed. I want him to do the breed justice, not paint them in a bad light. Someone has said once he put them off having a GSD ever because he was so naughty at a dog show. Which is a shame because these are his two problems, he is perfect otherwise.

Chip18 04-23-2014 07:51 PM

Some links in post 8 may prove helpful:

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