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HaJwAlH 03-31-2014 05:28 PM

German Shepherd Aggressive
Hello. I have 2 German Shepherds I have them maybe for 2 and half months. or 3. They Being Aggressive with other people Strangers and my family. but me and my brother they don't attack us. whatever. when they see me the Male come and lick my leg and then he go away. when i try to pet him . he run away. until he get tired then he sit and hes head go down and his ears go down. and sometimes when i go to him at this situation. when i touch him. he run from me. and sometimes its okay. THE THING I WANNA TO KNOW WHY HE SIT DOWN IF HE TIRED AND HES HEAD GO DOWN AND HIS EARS GO DOWN TOO. AT THAT SITUATION I CAN EVEN CARRY HIM WITH MY HANDS IS THAT MEANS HE SURRENDER? OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I WANNA HIM TO BE NORMALLY I CAN PET HIM ANYTIME WITHOUT RUN. WHY HE DO THAT ? is there any reason ? whatever. today when i wanna to put the rope to his neck (i want to take them for a walk outside) i was in their room it was closed they cant run from me, and when i wanna to put the rope. he tried to bite me, but he didn't , my hand was in his mouth but he didn't bite me. why he did that? and why he didn't bite me? and sometimes when i try to pet the female he try to bite me too. but he don't bite?. the female also run away from me, but i can easily catch her and pet her its okay.

now tell me why the male ears and head goes down when he cant run from me? is that surrender or?

i wanna him to be normally no run. and pet him easily without run or something like that.

NOTE: Both dogs are kind of Aggressive. they try to attack over 5 people Strangers and from my family. and also every one walks at the street they Stare at him like he is an enemy. and attack my cat over 5 times, but i didn't make them touch anyone, but me and my brother they don't attack us.

SunCzarina 03-31-2014 05:55 PM

Where did you get these dogs? Are they adults or under a year old?

SuperG 03-31-2014 05:56 PM

Are they just pups ??? How old are they?


Chip18 03-31-2014 06:01 PM

Post#8 "Who pets my puppy or dog"

The hand thing with you is mouthing not uncommon but it should be something you initiate not him.

The cat thing:

My dog can't run form me is a relationship issue tell that changes you can't train this dog. See I just got a rescue.

Keep people out of his jface while you work on issues. :)

HaJwAlH 03-31-2014 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by SunCzarina (Post 5302745)
Where did you get these dogs? Are they adults or under a year old?

Hello thanks for answer.

well my brother bought the dogs from his friend. The Dogs are 8 to 9 Months old.

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