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Bobby25104 03-21-2014 09:43 AM

Which collars are best to start training.
I have had experience with both a choke chain and the prong collar. And the difference is astonishing, and also safer for your dog. Please take the time and read the statistics between the choke chain and the prong collar. Prong Collar Info

Serbrider 03-21-2014 10:26 AM

Which collars are best? Totally depends on your dog and what you are doing.

I use a simple flat collar most of the time, and rarely even have to put pressure on it.

I do agree that if I needed something stronger, I would go with a prong over a choke.

But for me... I haven't found a need for them in my simple training. The most I'd use personally is martingale collar if my dog had troubles slipping out (which my older dog did... for the longest time... just a twist and she'd be gone).

But I'm also not doing any high drive work. I'm not dealing with problem dogs. All of the dogs I have worked with (in my own family and that friends own) have been very simple and haven't even needed any leash corrections at all, because either I had them from the beginning and trained accordingly, or their owners did nothing with them so a little bit of verbal correction and boundaries and they fell right into place.

But yeah... if we're just talking choke vs prong... I think the answer has been evident so many times on this forum. Prong.

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