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Sri 03-18-2014 05:06 PM

Some concerns I have about starting ecollar training
How can you tell if the e-collar is for your dog, or not? Is it a straight forward thing? Will all dogs do well with it? And what can possibly go wrong? Like lets say I am careful and use Lou's methods tested and safe methods like Lou's, or go with a well recommended trainer. Is there a chance that the dog may not do well with it? And how would I know if its adversely affecting his temperament, etc? Would it be immediately apparent, or apparent over time, as in he gets spooked easily, is nervous, anxious, becomes aggressive etc?

Hope someone doesn't mind educating me. These are my fears , and as much as I feel an ecollar will help with recall and further training, I just cannot decide.

Sri 03-21-2014 08:38 AM

:( Despite all the input I still cannot decide. :blush:

Would fresh cookies help?

David Winners 03-21-2014 08:47 AM

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How old is the dog?

What are your goals?

How does the trainer implement the e-collar into training?

How much experience do you have in training?

Baillif 03-21-2014 09:11 AM

Ive seen some dogs not do well on it. Those same dogs didnt do well under any kind of pressure and froze up and locked down very easily even if velvet gloved. They are very rare IME though.

Sri 03-21-2014 09:14 AM


I have zero experience in training, this is my first dog, ever. Just learnt a lot from some members here and books and videos and one particular positive trainer. (Pam Dennison)

He is 13 months old now, I have been training him on a long lead in parks, take him to Petco, outside grocery stores etc. He does have reactivity to other dogs, but I keep my distance, still do counter conditioning, this is improving. In group classes he is fine once I start working with him, he can focus and ignore other dogs as long as I can keep him on his toes. If I play tug or we just move around heeling, focus, playing catch it games, then he doesn't care about the other dogs.

We did obedience, a bit of agility, which he did very well but it was a challenge to me. The trainer that I was going to feels that he is past obedience, even on a long lead and is not challenged enough. And we need to use the ecollar to take him to the next level. I have my reasons for doubting her judgement just on past experiences. (for instance, when in class I would look at him often to catch him looking at me, and praise him, reward him with smiles, eye contacts and treats for watching me and being calm because I know how reactive he is to other dogs, and she would say 'stop looking at that dog' ,while at the same time using him to demonstrate to other people how to get focus, she did not allow me to play games to counter condition him to dogs and their movement around him, just wanted me to use corrections for perfect obedience. I had to join another positive training school for this. Maybe she was right about it, but I wanted him to be relax around other dogs and then be obedient, not stressed and be obedient out of fear.)

My goals are for him to be a dog with a solid calm relaxed temperament that I can take everywhere. I am considering working towards a CD, CDX and perhaps do a bit of nosework and agility with him. This is more to keep him occupied and satisied because I do see that he gets satisfied and calmer when he obeys me. He is happy to laze around and relax afterwards.

Hope this gives a good idea. Do tell me what you think, and thank you for the time.

Sri 03-21-2014 09:25 AM

I do use a prong on him now to give me control when we approach other dogs.
But I am not good with this tool, I feel. And he stops pulling towards them simply because of the prong, not because I have been able to correct. Either my timing is off or the correction is not hard enough. I am working on it though, and generally seem to be improving.

crackem 03-21-2014 09:26 AM

You don't need an ecollar to train anything. It is certainly a good tool, provided you learn to use it, and you can learn it now, later, 10 years from now. If you are really worried about using it, don't.

Dog training is timing and consistency, learn to work within what you are comfortable with for now and you'll go a long ways. Once you're more comfortable, have more experience and know a bit more, maybe an ecollar won't be as scary or worrisome to you. You'll be able to make that decision if you want to use it and if you think it would be best for your dog.

my dogs will follow commands 500 yards away if I can yell loud enough. not using an ecollar has never been a limiting factor in our training and I'd put mine up against anybody and i think i'm pretty lazy when it comes to training :)

I have no issues with using an ecollar as long as it's not a command and fry type use. But if someone thinks a dog isn't being challenged in it's training because it's not wearing an ecollar, I'd say the trainer is challenged in their thinking and needs to step out of their box. The challenge doesn't come from the tool, or at least shouldn't.

Baillif 03-21-2014 09:29 AM

Yup it is nice but isnt necessary.

Sri 03-21-2014 09:34 AM

I think her reasoning was that it would give me more control and a good recall around other dogs. Which does make sense, to be fair.

Eiros 03-21-2014 09:35 AM

What is the trainer trying to achieve with the collar? Your dog sounds like he's coming along well, and if he's bored with training, I'm not sure what the collar is meant to achieve? I've never used it before, though, so I have no idea.

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