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Curtis 03-04-2014 07:47 PM

1st day of beginner obedience class
Let's just say I have a lot of work to do. I received a big reality check today. When we first started, the trainer used us to demonstrate some commands such as "leave it" and "watch me". But after a few minutes Empire was over me and my treats. He just wanted to get off of that leash and to the other dogs.

The trainer wanted to try a heel/sit and when I gave her the leash, he managed to slip out of his martingale? So he took off running up to every dog linking and sniffing them and I froze while everyone was looking at me. Empire was about 40 yards from me when the trainer snapped me out of it and asked if he had a recall. YES! EMPIRE COME! It worked.

The rest of the class was all down hill. As the other dogs continued to trump my treats, I might as well have been standing in a sound proof glass dome. All of the commands that we have been working on every day are useless if you don't have your dogs attention. I have been working on his commands in parks with people and dogs as distractions. But to have 6 dogs with their humans in a circle was too much for him.

Other dogs did much better and just sat with their owners as we were the worst. I guess it can only get better. I even tried tiring him hot before we went but you'd think he was a dog that lived chained to a tree who's never seen another dog.

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Nigel 03-04-2014 07:58 PM

At least his recall worked! It should get better, just keep working at it. Are these classes held indoors?

Msmaria 03-04-2014 07:58 PM

Lol, welcome to the club. I've had classes where my dog did great. Has his CGC at 9 months. Then went to some other classes where for the life of me couldn't get him to pay attention to anything but duck poop. He sure embarrassed me. Lol

Every new distraction sets you back a little. Your competing with other fun dogs that he's never seen before, lots of new distractions. I save my better treats like chicken for the obedience classes and have to keep finding ways to be more fun than they are. I'm not looking forward to my next class which is right in front of the duck pond:eek:

Curtis 03-04-2014 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by Nigel (Post 5136777)
At least his recall worked! It should get better, just keep working at it. Are these classes held indoors?

We were outdoors in a fenced in area about maybe half of a football field.

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Zlata 03-04-2014 10:26 PM

How old is he? When they are young, I feel like they have the attention span of gnats. :rolleyes: Combining that with the fact that there are other dogs nearby and a new place with lots of interesting smells... forget it!

It does get better, though. Use this opportunity to ramp up the training. Train him in different rooms of the house, the garage, the driveway, the sidewalk, you name it. Your training, if you remain persistent, will pay off!

I will tell you a funny story if it will make you feel better. On the first day of intermediate obedience training, I sat with my dog at my feet. I had packed a small tupperware container of treats. Well, the instructor was talking so I was paying attention to the instructor... and NOT paying attention to the sassy puppy at my feet (who I expected would be on his BEST behavior because, after all, this is intermediate obedience! This wasn't our first rodeo!)

Well, next thing I know, there was a loud 'pop' noise and then an EXPLOSION of treats. My dog managed to pop open the tupperware container of treats and they burst everywhere. The entire class was slack-jawed. I was stunned. I couldn't even react at first, and by the time I did, my dog had scarfed up every single treat. We had to borrow treats from others for the rest of class that day :blush:

Anyway, I had two ways of viewing it. I could be so embarrassed that my dog exploded a container of treats during intermediate OB class that I would never come back... or I could think, well, it can only go up from here! I went with the latter! :)

LeoRose 03-04-2014 10:38 PM

"Heel? What's this 'heel' you speak of? Never heard of it before." is pretty much what Leo said to me on the first night of class. She is pretty easily distracted by other dogs and people.

Curtis 03-04-2014 10:42 PM

He is 10 months old. I feel like I spent an hour wrestling a bear. At one point he put me on my tuchus because he pulled so hard and the ground was wet from a light misting and I had flip flops on.

I know gets better. I think we were the youngest in the class. The 2 year old dobe wanted to run with us though! :-D

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blackshep 03-05-2014 10:48 AM

Oh dear! Animals sure know how to embarrass us, don't they! Can you try some stinkier treats, and maybe bring a toy he likes for rewards?

I was wearing a treat pouch and once my dog was so exuberant that she leaped up and hit it and the treats they flew everywhere. Everyone laughed at us. lol

Waldi 03-05-2014 04:12 PM

patience is amust when training. It will take some time and must practice at home too. First class was hard but, afterwards it was amazing how quicly we have moved up in passing the required elements. It will get better.

misslesleedavis1 03-05-2014 04:46 PM

It will get better :) i am in a basic obedience class with a lab mix thing that has been in the same class 3 times!!! but she is graduating this coming sunday :)

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