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Yes I have a wide range of knowledge with dogs and German shepherds behavours etc.
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one can never gain enough knowledge when it comes to dog behaviors and training.

Your 17 years old and I commend you for wanting to pursue something involving dogs especially. For people (clients who would want to hire you), to take you seriously, you need alot of 'education' and hands on experience when it comes to dogs.

I think others have given you suggestions to look for a schutzhund/training club , find a mentor, volunteer, train under someone who knows their stuff..The knowledge you can gain can only benefit what you want to do.

Again, I commend you for wanting to do this, knowledge is key.

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I would recommend you to join the schh club or work at a dog trainer that handles aggressive dogs(not those cookie trainers)

But for me, if i need to be away, i only trust my dog with my breeder and my trainers

I've been to fort funston when my dog is still a puppy(50lbs <6 months) , my dog is not aggressive, he's young and stupid. however, all these crazy dog walker with 20+ dogs in packs, they like to pick on puppies and will attack my dog. And one time there's a couple with a 100pd+ dog ran out of nowhere and attack my dog. So for me to trust my dog with someone, I would need them to have ability to handle different unexpected situations, at least i know they have the ability to control real aggressive dogs
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Thanks everyone for ideas, advice, and helping me out! I'm really looking around for volunteering, interning, searching for schutzund clubs around my location you all got my light bulb going. I made a new resolution this year to improve GSD, dog handling abilities, etc, join schutzund clubs, and all the other stuff!
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@ JakodaCD OA
I have walked an Alaskan malamute, 8 German shepherds in total, 4 Huskies, lots of mixes, Labs, Pit bulls, Border collies, Great Pyrnees, Poodles, mostly big dogs. Going on like this since 12 although some dogs came and left cause of moving or died of old age. I also volunteer at the SPCA and regularly go the local dog park every day since 13. Its so fun!! Every week I walk two GSDs Lobo who i see every week or more since he was an 8 week old pup. We do lots together. Dante a GSD we go for hikes for ever Saturday at 11am and get to keep him as long as I want! More dog walking and sitting stories where that came from!

I have lots of references!
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Also diane age has nothing to do with it lots of knowledge, experiences of handling, etc. I do more dogs stuff than anything. Talk to you more about this
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JakodaCD OA

look all around the thread to see my comments about me with dogs and references. Lots of people hired me and I see adults who don't what to do with dogs and I do.
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Get more GSDs to walk and sit for my business

I admire your confidence. I grew up around dogs had chances to interact with many different breeds by walking them and playing with them when I was in high school. My parents always had at least one dog at home. I thought I had a very solid knowledge base until I brought my own puppy home, it was more work than I thought and I was convinced she was an evil monster while she was going through her land shark phase. I think people are not trying to discount your knowledge but are trying to point you in the direction that there is a whole other world to dogs than walking and dog parks, unfortunately not every German Shepherd is as solid as your Lobo as some struggle with people, dog and/or fear aggression so handling one of these dogs presents a challenge to even an "experienced" handler that has never been met with this type of behavior.

With everything in life, there are always opportunities to grown and increase our knowledge. All the best with your future endeavors and may your passion continue to grow and be nurtured.

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Very true again every dog is their own individual so yes there probably is a GSD out there or more that will be harder to handle than Lobo or the other dogs I walked. Every dog has levels. Never no what the future may hold and I agree with your quote. Its a very professional quote!
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Did those dogs draw blood? Was it something like this Just saying "20+ dogs in packs, they like to pick on puppies and will attack my dog. And one time there's a couple with a 100pd+ dog ran out of nowhere and attack my dog." isn't enough info to let some know if the dog really attacked or just play. We weren't there so we don't know what happened but you were there. Sometimes the dogs just mean to play. I go to the dog park (have for over 3 years) regularly and see dogs play all the time and elsewhere to where I see many dogs putting teeth on the dogs body like the one in the youtube video some tend to prefer to play rough some prefer to tend to play more friendlier. There are different degrees in dog play. However, some people have different tastes on dog play to and I let them keep their opinion. Although, I do agree owners with dogs that play rough or attack with puppies should not stand there cause pup might be too young mentally to play like older dogs. The dogs have NO intention to harm. Dogs play is similar to how wolves play. Both play fight in the same deal. If dogs harm draw blood than thats not play.

For dog walkers who walks dogs more than 10-100 or something is just insane. They are not very reliable. Really I NEVER see reliable dog walkers who can control that many. Also it overwhelms them like crazy. Months ago at the dog park I saw this person who walked like 20+ dogs with her and she couldn't keep track of where all the dogs with her are and she's like later 20s. I saw a dog (Spirit) I knew and she did NOT pay any attention. Rarely see this dog at the dog park lately. I kept watchful eye instead and kept track of the dogs she couldn't track and paid attention to them. Weeks later I run into the owner of Spirit and told him about the owner. The owner had NO idea that the walker 20+ and I asked if she ever mentioned it she said no. Haven't seen Spirit's owner since and that was in the summer. I find it much better even for any dog walker, trainer they just are with just 1-3 dogs to walk. I myself rather walk 1-2 dogs at a time. 20+ dogs shouldn't all gang up on a pup that's irresponsible. The only person I see who can control 20+ dogs is Cesar Millan because he knows what to do better than most. If people tell me, "my dog can't walk with other dogs because he's uneautered (like Dante) other dogs might be aggressive towards him." I respect what they say and do as they say. Only reason why Dante is uneautered is because he's used for breeding. I always let people know when ever they have their dogs around about Dante.

ALWAYS more important for better safe than sorry. I find it kind of ignorant when people do the better sorry than safe stuff and then their dog ends up dead or an injury. I NEVER take risks for double trouble. Your right ANY unpredictable or unexpected situations can happen. I actually hardly ever went to fort funston. Will go probably after Costa Rica! Now I have an obsession going to Pt. Isabel aw great place. Been chatting a lot I will talk more later. Well we don't know each other and people should never let people they don' know especially trainers they don't know cause that's just really uncomfortable. Rather let people who people know VERY well to take care of someone's elses dogs. If we knew each other probably be fine since we don't of course not.
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