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Kaiser2012 01-06-2013 07:39 AM

so much whining!
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Kaiser loves car rides. I mean LOVES car rides. He is also just blows my mind. I swear he recognizes places...such as the dog park entrance (from the road!), my brother's entrance (again, from the road), the training center (which, unfortunately we haven't been to since early september), etc. Car rides always mean FUN things are coming, so I really like that Kaiser does well riding. However, when he realizes where we are going, he goes BONKERS! He whines SO much that some turn into barks. My goal is to have a well-behaved, polite yet social dog. Not a dog that is so excited to be social that he can hardly control himself.

Because the dog park is the biggest trigger, lets talk about that.

I first started with having him sit and make eye contact with me before I let him out of the vehicle. Then I have him sit and again make eye contact with me, and, theoretically, wait for him to stop whining as well. Unfortunately it has gotten to the point where he is SO worked up, the whining NEVER stops. Some of the people at the dog park have commented that they have never seen a dog so excited to play. I would try to walk him toward the entrance, and each time he starts to go bonkers I would turn him around and sometimes put him back into the vehicle. We might do this for 10 or 15 minutes. Its getting to the point however that he just wont calm down (even when its JUST him and Dakota...with no other dogs around). He is just so excited to have the opportunity to run and chase and play fetch. I'll add that there are some days I just don't have the time to work with him while doing this (ie, in the morning before work) so sometimes I have to do the best I can to get him into the park to run around. Burning off energy BEFORE we go to the park is not possible. I don't have a yard and walking him or doing some basic obedience is never near enough to wear him out. Believe me, I've tried.

Since this dog park is the only fenced area he is allowed off leash (aside from the beach), and he absolutely needs the park for exercise, how do I get his sassiness under control so that we can still go to the park without leaving him thinking that he gets what he wants when he whines?

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