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gsdsd 08-20-2014 12:24 AM

so embarrassed right now !!!
Ok guys so I was in class(gsd training) and our trainer used nikko as an example of the dog that is not listining ..It was embarrassing because I tried to get him to obey me to the watch me comand and he kept pulling away,sniffing the grass and wonder around he was so distracted barking at other gsd pups :/ .I was so upset with him because at home he is honestly 100% obidiant.its so easy to train him at home than in class . I do take him to dog parks to get social with other dogs.but he was 50% obidiant this time ..and it sucks because I was looking at the other guys train there gsd pupps like nothing ..

Do any of you have a technique to make him less distracted and more focused out there in the streets/parks?
I cant say if im asking for to much because I know he is smart but I just need him to stay focuse with me out of the house and ill have a great dog . He is 3 1/2 months old

Nigel 08-20-2014 12:36 AM

You have to train in environments with distractions. Your home is sterile, not much going on to draw his attention away from you so it's pretty easy. Try a location with a few distractions and gradually add in more as you progress.

trcy 08-20-2014 01:16 AM

I wouldn't worry about it. In time with consistent training he will get it even with distractions.

Kaleb did not like any of the long sit/down/stand stays. He was so loud and vocal about his not wanting to do it. The trainer even tried to get him to stop and Kaleb was not having it. He was 4 to 5 months old then. He's 14 months now and he stays just fine with no "talk back".

BorderKelpie 08-20-2014 01:29 AM

Leave it to our dogs to keep us humble, huh?

Don't be embarrassed, it happens to all of us. Relax, don't get frustrated, just enjoy him. Remember to play and have fun with him (that's the hardest part for me - I get so wrapped up in doing it right, I do everything wrong lol).

Try to find a bright side. 1) Nikko got to set an excellent example that the entire class can benefit from, and 2) When you've played with him this week and worked more with distractions, think of how much more impressive your training skills look when you go back in for your next class and he's so much more focused on you.
Oh! thought of a third one - you will learn more and gain much better experience dealing with difficulties than you would have if your dog started off easy. We learn more with challenges than with boring, simple stuff.

BARBIElovesSAILOR 08-20-2014 03:38 AM

Omg hahah I'm so sorry, but the training class in the movie Marley and me comes to mind. ahem yes, I need to get back on track... I think one thing that would be helpful is desensitizing him. Try training him mostly outdoors around distractions, then one day you will take him to obedience class and it will be easy as pie for him, even with dogs and people and what not around.

VTGirlT 08-20-2014 07:40 AM

Sometimes its just simple, you need to be more fun than the distraction at that age. Lots of enthusiasm! And have a super amazing high value treat for a distractions, such as a classroom setting. That is a lot of distraction!

Different levels of distraction, means different level of treats and enthusiasm. You have to work up to such distraction too! :)

JeanKBBMMMAAN 08-20-2014 07:43 AM

Next week it will be another dog! If you are outside, that's really a rough spot because it is so interesting to a puppy that is smart.

The three D?s of dog training and why you need to know about them | Dog Star Daily

You can work on down stays of increasing length, and other protocols to help him work on his focus, but have fun with him!

blackshep 08-20-2014 08:06 AM

Outdoors is highly distracting, that's pretty normal. I agree, find a higher value treat, maybe a toy to train with for class?

He'll get there. My GSD was a punk in her class. Learned the obedience easily, but I'd look over after watching the instructor demonstrate our next lesson and she'd be rolled on her back looking at me upside down or whatever, like she was totally bored with class. lol

Traveler's Mom 08-20-2014 09:40 AM

My gsd had me so embarrassed after every class I usually cried all the way home. It was that bad-HE was that bad. Did yours decide to poop in the middle of the inside training area in front of god and everybody???? If not, you don't know embarrassment:blush:

The bad news is as they grow up they do a whole lot of things that make you want to pull the covers over your head.

The good news is they do grow up to be your best friend and a well behaved adult.

You just have to suck it up until then :D

DutchKarin 08-20-2014 10:20 AM

I would just add.... don't be mad at him... that can have negative consequences that take you back several steps. Get advice from your trainer on how to TRAIN a "watch me" command and train it over and over and over. Some dogs take more work for you to be more exciting than other dogs and the environment. You also don't say how old this dog is. Young dogs will get distracted. Laugh about it and then be as consistent as you can in your training. Keep in mind that dog parks sometimes reinforce that other dogs are more interesting and fun than you are so you reinforce the distractibility.

It only gets better with your effort. Enjoy the crazy puppy time.

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