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Border Dog 07-08-2014 11:38 PM

Flirt pole ?
I am trying out a flirt pole for my 12 week old pup and he loves it. My question is in the fact that when he bites it it slides through his grip. I don't want to discourage him into thinking he should not try because it just slips away when he does catch it. Any thoughts?

Pax8 07-08-2014 11:41 PM

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It just slips away? What kind of toy is on the end of it? Is he just not gripping it?

llombardo 07-09-2014 12:03 AM

When my female was that age I let her catch it and walk away with it telling her you win . She loved when she won. Letting her win built up her confidence. It was a good way to teach drop it to, because if she didn't drop it then she couldn't play. Almost 3 years later, she cries when she sees that flirt pole coming out. It's her favorite thing besides her rock, she loves her rock .

Juliem24 07-09-2014 12:19 AM

Rudy the destroyer has gone through a few flirt poles. What kind do you suggest?

Pax8 07-09-2014 12:28 AM

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I just got a regular horse whip on Amazon and I tie flat toys to the end of it.
This one. It's light and springy with enough snap to build drive and long enough that you can get some good distance even with a large dog chasing it. Like I said I tie small stuffed toys or the flat animal toys to it. Sometimes I'll mix it up and find interesting things. Kaiju liked it the time I tied a jingly wicker cat toy to it and let him chase it. It just got torn up pretty quickly.

llombardo 07-09-2014 12:30 AM


Originally Posted by Juliem24 (Post 5751553)
Rudy the destroyer has gone through a few flirt poles. What kind do you suggest?

Mine is something like this (mine has a stuffed animal at the end) We have had it almost three years and several dogs and it's in great shape.

Juliem24 07-09-2014 12:50 AM

Thanks, Pax, that's a good idea,there's a farm and fleet right down the road..

Border Dog 07-09-2014 01:27 AM

The one I have has suede or chamois on the end. Ill try just letting have it and see how that works. Thanks

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