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Lapres 07-07-2014 08:55 AM

Potty Training - Adult Supervision required
My biggest question with my little GSD regards her potty training habits.

Shes learned that she needs to poo outside and happily takes herself out to do so without any fuss. Being that in the UK we don't have air conditioning units, we leave the doors and windows open so she constantly has access to the back garden. She's getting the hang of the outside is for doing business, but we still have one major problem that isn't letting up.
How do you ween a puppy off of adult supervision? She still wees in the house, but she only seems to like weeing for me if I'm outside with her. Everyone else in the family can let her out and she'll go off by herself and do her business, but if shes around me, she'll stick to me like glue including when she needs to go potty. If I don't get to the door fast enough she'd rather wee in the house than just take that extra few steps to be at the lawn. Even if I stand in the doorway and she can still see me, she doesn't seem to go unless I'm fully outside of the house.

She's still young and has a lot to learn, but how would you go about weening her off and gain the confidence to potty outside without me being there? I'd be happy to be at the door watching.

Mary Beth 07-07-2014 09:07 PM

I guess I am too suspicious, if she still wees in the house, maybe she really isn't weeing outside without supervision for your other family members but holding it until she gets inside and is not alone. Since she is still very young, I would just focus on the housetraining and take her out at regular times. But when you take her gradually increase the distance that you are away from her.

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