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budguthrie 07-04-2014 10:45 AM

Potty Training with a Bell Advice Needed
Bell Training Advice: I'm working on training my second GSD to ring the bell when he has to potty. The first GSD took six days to learn the bell means go out to potty. The problem I am having with this new puppy is that he rings the bell, I take him outside on the leash, he urinates for maybe 3-5 seconds, and then I give him a treat and then I bring him back inside. He waits about 10 minutes and then he rings the bell again and I repeat the steps. I can tell that he is urinating JUST ENOUGH to get that treat and then he stops. For the last couple days I've taken him out on average of 50 times. I tried spending more time out there with him but once he urinates to get the treat, he's done and just wants to come back inside. Any advice from anyone that has ever had this issue?

GSxOwner 07-04-2014 12:45 PM

Lol that sounds like a very smart puppy! I would say don't give a treat if the dog doesnt pee but you said he does a little everytime. I had a similar issue where my dog is trained to "talk" to me if she wants outside to pee...then she started tricking me and "talking" when there was anything interesting outside! I check the window now lol. Good luck, enjoy the good and frustrating puppy stages it goes so quick!

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Cassidy's Mom 07-04-2014 12:59 PM

How old is your puppy? Is he reliably housebroken to the point that he's no longer having accidents in the house?

blackshep 07-04-2014 01:19 PM

My dog would abuse the heck out that!!

Maybe it isn't going to work for him. Honestly, he sounds smart and I think he's got you trained :D

Mishka&Milo 07-04-2014 02:01 PM

I have always verbal praise, and let them go out, do their business, and then come back inside. I always place pups on a schedule so that I know when they need to go, and when they are just wanting to play around. With Mishka I never let going outside in the front yard mean anything but do your stuff, and we go inside. When I took her out as a puppy, I gave her a "bathroom" command... When she did that, THEN she would get a treat. Once she learned what the word meant, I turned it to verbal praise. She has tried to get me out just to play, but being I don't use a food reward, and I don't play with her in her potty spot... She learned There is nothing fun for her there, so she now only asks when she needs it.

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Baillif 07-04-2014 02:20 PM

You don't really need to give treats for a bathroom break. The act of going is rewarding enough. An active puppy outside playing with constant access to water is going to urinate every 15-20 minutes at the age of 7-10 maybe even 11 weeks. They really just need to go that often if not being trained to hold it longer.

shantinath1000 07-04-2014 06:00 PM

Our dog rings a bell to go out- the only problem is that when she first learned to ring the bell she would do it not just for potty breaks but to go out to play and we ended taking her every time to be safe. needless to say it was a headache. The part I missed on was that if you can, use one door with a bell to go out for elimination and and a DIFFERENT door for going out to play.

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