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Josarn1 06-26-2014 05:35 PM

Questions while waiting for my new puppy
Hello everyone. I am brand new to the forum and I will also be a new dog owner sometime in September. My puppy is expected to be born around the first week of July and the breeder told me to expect to pick up my pup at 9 weeks. She said their kennel has automatic feeders/water as well as doggie doors so most pups are on feeding schedules and are used to going outside to do their business.

My puppy will be a male. I drive 40-45 minutes to work and will be taking the puppy with me everyday, six days per week. I run my own business and the pup will be with me everyday at work. I have several questions and I'm sure after a couple weeks with the pup I'll have a million more but for the moment I'll ask this: while at work should I crate the pup and take him outside every 45-60 minutes or should I leave him out and watch him like a hawk? Or should I tether him to me? I am terrified of doing something wrong from the outset at leading my puppy to bad habits. I know inside accidents are bound to happen but I'm confident we can housebreak seeing that the pup will be with me everyday. Any other beginner pointers for a first time GSD owner would be greatly appreciated!:)

Nigel 06-26-2014 07:13 PM

Automated feeding? Hadn't heard of that for pups, I would think it'd be best if this was does by a human, but I'm not a breeder so... As far as having him at work, I'd opt for the crate any time your attention cannot be 100% otherwise as long as your work place is puppy proof, safe and someone is able to watch him, loose or tethered is good, the puppy's behavior may dictate much of this.

MaggieRoseLee 06-26-2014 07:34 PM

I personally would take a crate to work. Much safer for the puppy. Easy to move around if necessary. And you can continue getting the crate training moving along.

Other key things to work on are and


Josarn1 06-27-2014 03:57 PM

Thank you both for the replies. I originally thought, "Nah, I'll have no need of a crate..". I've since reconsidered lol. I have read two differing methods of crate training. I have read 1. feed the puppy in the crate. And 2. do not introduce food or treats to the puppy while in the crate. Is there a right or wrong as far as food and a crate?

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