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Toolman5 06-05-2014 11:14 AM

Questions on Crates
I have a puppy arriving in a week, and Iíve been reading all that I can about various training. Iím a bit confused about crate training because Iíve read a few contradicting things.

One method says to have to crate near you, like in your bedroom. Another says to have the crate in a separate room so the puppy learns to be alone at times avoiding attachment issues when youíre gone.

Another question I have is the size of the crate. I already bought the XL Kong brand metal crate with the partition for potty training. Iím starting to wonder if I bought the wrong crate. I donít have plans to crate the dog when heís an adult, so Iím wondering if I should have just bought a smaller crate to get him through the first (destructive) part of his life and potty train.

Any thoughts on any of this? Thank you.

Shade 06-05-2014 11:21 AM

I use two, one in the bedroom and one in a main part of the house. The bedroom is for sleeping only and the one in the main part is for chilling when needed or keeping them from getting underfoot.

Having the dog in the bedroom with you at night improves the chances of house breaking happening faster, the puppy moving around or whining wakes you up and the pup goes outside. It also usually calms them having you nearby and you avoid a lot of whining and fussing.

Delgado finally at 2 years old earned the right to be out of the crate 24/7. I never assumed that it would take that long but it did, so getting the largest crate keeps the dog comfortable regardless of size and age.

MaggieRoseLee 06-05-2014 11:23 AM

You can always tweak crate training a bit. I know for me, I only crate at night or when no one is home or if I need to get a 'time out' from the puppy to get some work done that they are definitely in the way :) . I also keep the crate in the bedroom so pup is reassured at night and I get sleep! Crate right beside my bed in fact.

Otherwise, I use closed doors and baby gates everywhere to keep the puppy in the same area I am in so I can get the 'house rules' started for my puppy. TONS OF TOYS all over the house so I can easily switch out an appropriate toy for the inappropriate pillow/shoes/shirt that the puppy may THINK is a good 'toy'.

If you have a huge house, you may want multiple crates. Ask your friends if they have a crate around. Specially the smaller sized ones cause you only will use them for a few months and then can return them. Also good for travel in the car to keep the puppy safe.

The partition should help though if you only have the one crate. That way it keeps smaller area and will help with potty training.

You find a puppy class yet? Big help to talk to others with puppies and get hints/tips/suggestions from people you see weekly and that are in the same situation!

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