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Markes 05-27-2014 10:46 PM

Housebreaking is breaking my heart!
Hey all,
My expectations may be too high... Dakota, my 12 wk old GSD hasn't had a very good day. It'sbeen about the worst of the housebreaking.

The great thing is since the day we got her at 8 weeks she sleeps through the night in her crate... never had an accident so I know she can hold it.

We've been johnny on the spot with housebreaking. We have a crate and then a little playpen around it. We started taking her out every 20 mins, then did it after eating, exercise, nap, etc. After an accident we clean, de-scent, enzyme, etc. Just like I've been reading about on the forums.

Now we take her out about every hour.

But she just doesn't get it. She goes outside, I think, because we always get her out in time. Lately the accidents have been increasing. How can she realize going inside is wrong if we always get her outside? Now it's like she's intentionally marking her territory inside.

2 days ago I brought her inside after peeing, took her crate mattress downstairs to the laundry. When I came upstairs she had pooped in her crate.

Today she's had 4 accidents in 3 hours. Some within 10 minutes of us taking her outside and watching her pee. One time she peed 2x while outside, came inside and 20 mins. later peed again on the floor in her playpen.

Any tips/advice? I don't see how she can hold it for 8 hours at night but can't hold it for 20 minutes during the day.

Markes 05-27-2014 10:47 PM

Forgot to add, she's just about learned to pee on command. There may be a time or two when she doesn't need to go, but every time I take her out, tell her to "go potty", she'll pop a squat and do it.

Cassidy's Mom 05-27-2014 10:58 PM

What do you do when she does her business successfully outdoors? How closely do you watch her when she's out of her crate - is she always within sight, right there near you, or just in the same room you are? How are you cleaning her accidents?

carmspack 05-27-2014 11:09 PM

what are you feeding the dog?

blackshep 05-28-2014 09:14 AM

Have you checked her out for a UTI?

My dog was HORRIBLE to housebreak, and I watched her like a hawk! She never gave any warning that she had to go, never went to the door, nothing. And I'd have a party each and every time she went potty outside, it was just so frustrating!

One day it clicked in. I don't even want to tell you how long it took, but her half brother and half sister also took forever to housebreak, so I don't know if that can be genetic or what? She still doesn't really give me much in the way of a sign, but now she'll go sit by the door and stare at me. lol

Liesje 05-28-2014 11:01 AM

Unfortunately my last puppy made some association with peeing in his pen, lol, he thought he was SUPPOSED to pee in the pen! I stopped putting him in there and he didn't have accidents in the rest of the house, just in the pen (or if I wasn't paying attention and forgot to let him out, he'd go back where the pen used to be).

Markes 05-28-2014 10:58 PM

We feed her Diamond Naturals for large breed puppies. It's what the breeders fed her so we kept it up.

She's always in sight of us when she's not in the crate, but when she's not in the crate, she's in the puppy pen that is connected right to the crate.

When she has an accident we clean it up and then use Rocco & Roxie professional strength stain and odor eliminator.

Take dog outside for potty regularly - check
Teach dog a word for potty - check
Praise and give treats after she goes - check
Use the same spot/area of the yard - check

Just not sure what else there is to do. From reading the forums, the links, and the videos, it seems so easy!

gsdsar 05-28-2014 11:04 PM

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Check for a UTI. girl pups pee close to the ground. They can be prone to one.

I would also switch out the crate for tethering when you are home. That way she can be caught in the act. And crate at night when sleeping.

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canyadoit 05-28-2014 11:48 PM

I have had good progress by taking something the pup has deficated on and put it out side I think this helps with the association to the idea I came across this with a litter I had with my dutchie In cleaning the box out I put the straw out side the box in the kennel Very shortly after that all the pups were stumbling out in the kennel to relive them selfs It works for me

blackshep 05-29-2014 08:36 AM

Have you checked her for a urinary tract infection? It could be as simple as that.

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