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wolfy dog 05-24-2014 08:05 PM

(P)recycling games/training
Recycling cardboard boxes. I tie a rope to the box (the ones with holes) and use it as a flirt pole. Tons of fun in combination with training impulse control!
He pulls pieces off which gives him more drive and I break it up with releases, down stays, sit stays, "tug!". Then at the end I pick up the pieces while practicing "Leave It" and again the stays and "Done"!

Another one: putting a couple of treats or a toy in a closed cardboard box and let him rip it apart.

Recycling plastic jugs: same or I just give it to him under supervision only to prevent him from swallowing, which he never has done so far.

This gives him new toys all the time and me a content dog.

Pax8 05-24-2014 08:11 PM

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I like making a puzzle toy out of the milk jugs too. I cut just enough of a slit in the bottom that I can squeeze the jug (opening the slit) to pop a couple tennis balls in, then let it pop back to normal. Kaiju loves wrestling the jug to the floor and figuring out exactly how to press and angle it to knock the tennis balls out.

It becomes a tougher one when you get thicker containers (like the one for Simply Orange juice) that are a bit harder to work the balls out of.

Cardboard boxes are good for "find the toy" too. On rainy days, I'll fill a room with a bunch of my extras, some overturned or on their side and some right side up, hide his ball while he's waiting in the next room then release him and tell him to find it.

Just a couple more fun things :)

wolfy dog 05-24-2014 08:17 PM

Thanks! Good ideas. Keep the games coming everyone!

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