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Toolman5 05-18-2014 10:44 PM

Socializing with the In-Laws' Two Dogs
My puppy will be ready next month. My in-laws have two GSD mixes that are very friendly and are adults. One is older and not very active. The other, a female, is very active. All she wants to do is play and run around. She's very friendly but super active. My in-laws don't take them anywhere except to the vet, so having the dogs meet my pup on neutral territory isn't a possibility. They have a large back yard, over an acre, that's is completely fenced. Their dogs occasionally see my other dog or my brother-in-law's dog when they visit, and there are no problems. They all just play together.

I'm not concerned with my pup being attacked; I'm more concerned with how to introduce them so my pup won't be frightened.

While I'm at it, any suggestions for introducing him to my adult male cat? We already have another dog, but the cat doesn't care for him very much. I'd rather have the two of them be comfortable with one another, if that's possible.


MaggieRoseLee 05-18-2014 11:25 PM

As far as the cat goes, make sure there are lots of escape routes and you can keep the puppy out of the litter box and cats food bowl. Right now I have a gate that keeps my puppy out of the laundry room where I keep both. The gate has a pet door (which the puppy could get thru initially but now is too big :) ) so I have to jerry-rig another gate to allow cats access but would block the puppy.

If your in-laws KNOW their dogs are friendly with other puppies, then you'd be ok out in their yard. If you want to have one adult dog at a time (or not?) that would maybe make things less confusing. I will say, if your puppy is very young (7 weeks) you will have to watch it playing with the more active older dog. It very quickly gets too rough for a youngster who has ZERO common sense. And accidently strains, sprains and broken toes can result with a limping puppy that needs to be on a leash for a few weeks.

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